Indoor Waterfalls and Ponds

by Indoor Water Designs

Each waterfall and combination waterfall and pond is built according to our customer's specific desires.  We can help guide you in deciding the type, color, and size that will best suite your environment if you like.

 Some Things to consider:

1)           Would you want your waterfall on the floor, up in a plant niche, or maybe in a corner?

2)           Do you want us to decorate your design with artificial plants?

3)            Do you want a granite gray with white marbling look, a sand stone with cream marbling, a solid color or even something you may have in mine?

4)           Would you like your combination waterfall and pond with a filter system, which would allow fish to live in the pond?

5)               Would you want a submersible light in your pond?  

 After we have reached a good understanding of want you are expecting from us, we will start building your waterfall. The process usually takes between 4 to 8 weeks to complete depending on the size and type. We will set up a web page in which you can view at any time to see the progress of your project. Upon completing your uniquely designed waterfall,  you will have the opportunity to view the finished product before it's shipped. If you like you can visit to see it first hand. We are located near Richmond Va.

  The price will be decided before construction begins. Upon starting your project we will need a 25% deposit. Upon your approval of photos from your web page, we will deliver your unit to the packing/shipping company. 

Shipping cost varies depending on total weight of finished unit and shipping area.
Shipping cost approximately  $250.00 +/- (To Be Paid By Purchaser)
Due to new insurance policies, anything shipped with a value of more than $1000.00 require to be crated. Crating estimate by shipping company, $298.00

Once we receive the final payment your waterfall will be sent to you. To see a sample of an "approval web page" click here

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